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Crafting exceptional destinations

Wischermann Atelier proudly operates on four generations of hospitality expertise and applies this legacy knowledge to creating high value branded destinations in memorable locations, each with an authentic, individual story.

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Creating personalized travel experiences for today's changemakers.

Our role is to facilitate the creation of delight, discovery and enrichment trough the innate wisdom of human connection: creating highly-bespoke experiences by understanding the person at the centre.

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Building local partner relationships to make a trusted global family

We connect deeply and authentically with owership in order to connect with our guests, which translates into high level engagement - guests find deep pleasure in the local destination and in turn, trust in our global brand.

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The Caribbean

From earth to sky, the colors, culture and spirit of the Caribbean have long captivated the attention of those who desire discovery, connection and extraordinary experiences.

Hotels & Resorts

Mammee Bay, Jamaica

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Nestled within 14 acres of rich tropical landscape and a white sandy beach, the Mammee Bay Resort is the idyllic backdrop for a connection to its natural surroundings. Featuring 250 suites and 21 branded residences, this carefully preserved and intimate resort will provide transportive experiences rooted In Jamaican culture and awaken the senses with refined, flowing kindness synonymous with the island.


Hotels & Resorts

St Lucia

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Celebrating the island’s rich history and landscape, the resort in St. Lucia is the ultimate reverence to the land. Situated on over 130 acres, the vastness provides a sanctuary of seclusion in paradise.

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Discover More

What's next? If you would like to know more about Wischermann Atelier and upcoming projects, please share your details and we will get in touch to discuss your area of interest.
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